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    so my san francisco runs slower now and it has lag and takes quite a while to do thigns sometimes. does anyone know what i can do to improve its speed? it is un-rooted.


    Uninstall apps you don't use.

    Give ATK a go.


    Give ATK a go.

    Don't do that... Unless you know you want to waste your battery. Android doesnt require tasks to be "killed".

    Root and install a custom rom, you should get better battery life aswell. I use Redux on my Desire (dont know if it availavle for the san fran) but it is quick.

    mine runs better on 2.2

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    Would it work faster if i root it?

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    Isnt getting a custom rom an essential part of rooting snyways?


    rooting just gives you the ability to alter the root systems of the phone. You can leave the phone more or less as is once rooted.

    However once rooted you are free to either de-orange your rom or load a completely different rom.

    check with gen phone you have
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    Read up on how to install a custom ROM. Install the Swedish Spring ROM available on the modaco forum.

    If it's still too slow after that, you can use the no-frills overclocking app to boost the CPU speed. You can't do this without rooting and installing a custom rom
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