san francisco phone romed too japanese jellyfish rls9 but?

Found 18th Feb 2011
romed my phone to the above.....good rom but still abit laggy on angry birds and a couple of games that i have is there any better roms out there for the san francisco phone?or has anybody installed an overclocking widget and it has resolved the laggy movements if so which one have you used and what settings have you entered many thanks
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I'm running the same with no probs. Maybe try reloading it.
You got hardware accelleration enabled? Try flashing with the ROM which comes with it enabled by default.
I am finding this rom very heavy on the battery
Running release 9 as well. Never had it running slow but know people that run setCPU and use 710 max 128 min. For the heavy battery use I found that turning off the auto-brightness on the screen is what helped me. Increased it from about 20 hrs to 40 hrs between charges. Plus I also usea a task mngr to kill unused tasks, maps seems to use a lot of power on mine.
i had probs with jellyfish now running MoDaCo custom rom for the zte blade r12 and no problems
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