Posted 29th Sep 2022 (Posted 13 h, 30 m ago)
I need to know what sanding grade paper I should use for oak vaneer doors and apparently I need a water based clear varnish?

can you help
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    Fine scotch pad might be better. Then a good clean. Important to get the surface clean prior to painting so sugar soap to clean. Then damp clean microfibre cloth.

    Sanding with 320 grade sponge backed pads may also work but can break through and cause damage and patches.
    What is surface like?

    Maybe use rocktop made by Smith and Roger on doors to coat.

    If they are good I'd just clean really well then apply coating
    Ok so there doors are from a new build house. There are tiny raised dots, just feels like they didn't sand down or clean before slapping on varnish.

    It's just this one door that "feels" rough, others are fine.