SanDisk Sansa e260 - 4Gb MP3 & Video Player

    I was going to purchase the Ipod Nano buts to common and don'l like the design and interface much.

    As I seen this on the thread about the 2GB mp3 player for £25. Just asking if anyone has seen this for a cheaper price than £99 on Amazon and if there's any vouchers. Since it takes a MicroSD it's eaasy to put bigger memory in if required, be better if my phone takes this card as it would be ideal to move new songs I recieve through bluetooth and onto my mp3 player. :x

    Also going to purchase the Seinnheiser CX300 with it as it's had good reviews here and elsewhere but seen a bargain price on Amazon from a dealer for £13.79.

    Anyway thanks for the replies :thumbsup:


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    bump bump..

    £99 pound on amazon looks good check for vouchers see how much you can nock off and you can get a 2GB micro sd (transflash) for about £30 plus your headphones then you have a top mp3 player
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