Sandisk Sansa Headphones

    I've had the e280 Sansa mp3 player for around a year using the headphones that came with it but just the other day one of the earphones stopped working.

    I was looking to replace the headphones with another pair of Sandisk ones but cannot seem to find them available to buy anywhere, can anyone help me with this?

    If they are not available to buy seperately does anyone know of any good alternative options I could go for that offer a decent volume as I've found very cheap headphones do not offer the same loudness as that of the Sandisk ones.

    Thanks for any help!

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    not too sure about sandisk ones, but I use JVC Gumy, these can be picked up about a fiver in hmv and online, I recently got a second pair for about £3.20 on ebay (price w delivery from the US) the sound is top notch, great bass response can't fault em, I'm quite fussy about sound quality but these offer the full range from low to high freq. - The F130 models are the ones to go for as they are a little more compact, good luck
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