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I know, I need to get out more if I'm having a dilemma about a sandpit.. but I really do worry about spending dosh as we don't have much, hence me asking for some advice. :oops:

Daisy is 2 on June 18th (eek) and we want to get her a sandpit as we have a patio stylie small garden which is not much fun for her at all, esp as I'm constantly shouting 'BE CAREFUL' as she wobbles about everywhere. I want to get her a big sandpit for her so she can pretend she's at the beach, big enough for her and maybe a couple of others (me! Lol!) to sit in and mess about in. I had thought wooden would be best cos it's easier on the eye and storing it in winter would be a problem, which we'd want to do if it was a hideous plastic animal or whatever..! But I've done so much searching I've confused myself.

My question is, does anyone know from experience whether wooden or plastic is best, and where the cheapest/best deals are? I can't tell you how grateful I am for any advice, my head is a proverbial shed at the mo with it all, lol! Cheap would be good :thumbsup: but we want a decent one which will last as we have Lilian whose 21wks who will no doubt want a go when she's up and about herself, and I know that kids get a lot of mileage out of sandpits (I was still in one when I was 8...!!)

Thanks loads in advance everyone


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Some think to think about:

make sure you get one with a lid to keep the cats out in the evening, and also to keep the rain out and turning the sand pit into a soggy mess! High sides will help to keep the sand IN the sand pit, otherwise you will find it all over the patio and will keep having to top it up.

Some cheaper plastic ones can go brittle in sunlight and then tend to fracture easily, wooden ones may weather and need protecting in the winter if you leave it out.

Some plastic ones could also be used as a paddling pool if you take the sand out, not sure about wooden ones, depends how they are lined I guess.

Be careful about the size of the sandpit, remember you'll have to fill it with play sand and the costs can should mount up.


Our plastic sandpit from ELC has a round green lid which is worse for wear after being blown off in high winds and being thrown about by the monsters. The plastic on the lid and on the pit seems to be more brittle after a couple of years exposure to the sun.

You could always build your own, a bit a wood (which you can treat), a liner, and some sand.

Cheap, effective, and as bit as you like.

Plus make yourself a lid (reasons suggested above), the just attahch it with a couple of latches. Job done!

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Thanks everyone! I finally did it...I used this code thanks to Gary Rip via Hot Deals UK…819

then went via Quidco for an extra discount (poss 9%, depending on whether they class it as a toy/game) and bought this…spx

which does appear to be out of stock now...thank goodness they had one in, yesterday as it's her birthday on 18th June! Now all we have to worry about is filling it, so on the hunt for cheap sand now! We can use the sandpit as a vegetable bed once they've both finished with it, it looks pretty sturdy so should last.

Came to about £59.15 instead of £80, so well pleased. My husband would have LOVED to have built one (he's wood obsessed) but he's just gone self employed, we have a new baby and there's LOADS to do to the house - the most urgent thing is making a gate to keep dd1 off the road, so it just would never have happened this year, unfortunately.

Thanks again everyone, hope this is useful to someone when they get more stock in! :thumbsup:


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Ooh, and check this out…php?xProd=135&xSec=4&OVRAW='playsand'&OVKEY=play%20sand&OVMTC=advanced

This site has a calculator to help you figure out how much playsand you'll need, too! Not sure on prices from here mind you, I'm just working it all out...!


Definitely make sure you use play pit sand and not the standard B&Q stuff. Much more expensive but the other stuff is abrasive. It is glass after all!

Play sand is £2.49 at Argos or Woolies (website) for 15kg bag. B & Q also sell it but it might also be worthwhile looking in your local garden centres

Poundstretcher/Instore stock play sand around this time of year.

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Jewsons have quoted me for silver sand saying this is ok for sandpits...guess this is the wrong stuff? (sounded a bit twitchy!)

Silver sand is used in glass making. I think it has a v. high silica content. This is probably the stuff used in pits as it has few contaminents (grit/rock etc.). Whether it is washed and graded as a branded play sand will be, I'm not sure.
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