Sandwich Toaster

    Hi folks

    Just come back from visiting relatives in Madrid where my family well in love with their Sandwich Toaster.

    So just wondering if anyone out there can recommend one. Are Breville still the king of Sandwich Toasters and is it worth paying extra for removable plates that are dishwasher friendly?

    Thanks for readingthis


    Had a Breville for over 10 yrs always wipe clean with kitchen towel when warm never any need to clean then
    great product would dfefinately recommend

    i love our sandwich toaster

    it was cheap at asda i think and has lasted years


    Morphy Richards - Toast & Grill has removable plates but comes with 2 types!

    First is the standard Sandwich Toaster one and second ones are a griddling plate, so does the same job as George Foremans grill and comes with a Fat tray…spx

    Thats just the model not best price!
    Probably upgraded it since then anyway

    Used to have a sandwich toaster but now have a panini press, much better as you can squish any type of bread or teacake down with it no matter how massive!!!!!!! Does loads at once, too.…spx
    Breville TR46 Metal Sandwich Toaster
    Catalogue number: 100-7154
    Is very good

    We have a small George Foreman grill that we use for our toasties....

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your comments folks, all greatly appreciated.
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