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Found 2nd Aug 2017
Hi guys,I've bought a Tower deep fill sandwich toaster because I'm sick of the way all the fillings ooze out and cover the workings of my old machine. Only trouble is the plates are huge and completely dwarf a normal slice of bread, anyone know of a loaf that will fit? Could really use a cheese,onion and pickle toastie right about now.

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Hovis, warburtons or tesco medium

Original Poster

I've tried the Warburtons and Hovis, I'll give the Tesco one a go thanks.


Allinson's is good too

Original Poster

Thanks I'll add that one to the list

...have you tried a baked bean and cheese toastie..buttering the side that touches plates oh no now im hungry

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Love bean and cheese toasties. Curry is amazing in a toastie too
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