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Found 1st Jan 2010
Hi. I have just got the SanFrancisco phone. It is the bog standard version. I.e. No rooting, unlocking etc. Can anybody advise me of any decent apps they know about or use. Not interested so much in games (I have Angry Birds). Looking for things that would make using the phone better. E.g. Being able to move files onto SD card. Thanks
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You wont be able to move apps to the sd card without it being rooted. heres some of my favourite apps

astro file manager - browse, rename and move files on your phone
advanced task manager - instantly kill running programs
AndFTP - great little ftp client
beautiful widgets - great clock and wifi, bluetooth toggle widgets
dropbox - online storage
AK Notepad - like notepad on the pc but can be stored online as backup
Handcent sms - a much better sms client with widget
google maps with navigation - great to have as a back if i've forgotten the tom tom
rac traffic- checks the road ahead for accidents etc, good for long journeys
shazam - listens to music and tells you what its called
wheres my droid - if you've lost your phone and its on silent, send a txt to your phone and it will still ring so you can find it.
gmote - controls your pc or mac from your phone

also worth looking at appbrain.com for apps
Thanks forest2002
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