Sansa Clip Zip display problems

    Hi all, I've had 2 Clip Zips since 2012, one for me and one for the wife. Turned hers on last night to check the battery before I started transferring some music and it was fine. Turned it off as it was a bit low and then when I turned it on to transfer stuff the screen was scrambled and glitched if that makes sense? It still plays music but 50% of the time the screen is black or scrambled and glitched. I updated the firmware this morning and it was fine again but as it was updating itself it shut off and then the same problem. Any advice? I've tried rockbox and that hasn't helped but I think its a firmware/ software issue as mine is fine. I've tried resetting it and looking on the mighty Google but can't find anything helpful. Thanks.


    Is there some kind of factory reset you can do? Follow that up with installing the latest firmware and that should normally fix things if it's a firmware problem.

    If not, I would contact the manufacturers to see if they have any advice.

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    This is crazy, just started working again and now is not.
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