Found 19th Dec 2008
Guys, I am most upset & need some festive hugs & re-assurance!! (sob, sob)

About 20 minutes ago, some bloke behind me in the queue at the Texaco garage said that Santa doesn't really exist!!!!

I turned round & said 'Oh yes he does',but the nasty bloke laughed & insisted it was all fake.

I mean, it ain't true is it? There really, really is such thing as Santa ain't there??

Sob, sob again.



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cheers guys - you've re-installed my festive cheer.

I knew i should of gone to tesco for my petrol!!!

he's not really...seriously

Original Poster

yeah i believe you - i knew you guys would sort it!!

Merry xmas


That poor guy who doesn't believe in Santa!

He's been on the naughty list so long he doesn't believe any more.

Well me and my son visited santa today so yes he does exists.

Santa is indeed real in the hearts of children across the world, for those who believe he is as real as you or I.


he's not really...seriously :santa:

Ahh Santa!

You Teach Your Children Not To Talk To Strangers
Then For One Night A Year You Plonk Your Child On Santas Knee!
Utter Randomness!
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