Santa specials for kids Gullivers world or not??help please!!

    Well was just going to book and looking if any discounts about..found the tripadvisos reviews..well it sounds dire..
    Anyone and recommendations please two kids 8 and 5 believers
    Wanted fireworks and fun!


    Gullivers at Christmas is really good for the kids and great value. Would definitely recommend it.

    hmm tripadvisor is awesome review site..... if it says its cack....then it prob is.

    if u got no other options then go for it though...curiosity and all

    i took my little girl who was 2 @ the time last year and we only payed £12 i think for me and other half and she was free. it was okay for £12 but not brill the snow machine thingy was just one tiny corner near a stage thing where some bears danced most ov the rides are shut the actual train thing that takes you to the grotto and the grotto itself is good its like a big winding starcase that leeads to this big room which is all decked out christmasssy but then the actual father christmas was rubbish and was obviously some 20yr old skinny lad then they pick a toy from a big room full of toys which are not wrapped so at least they get what they want but kind of defeats the object of santa with his big sack of toys but the christmas shop is good and the only place open for dinner was like this tiny little diner style thing which just sold burgers and was freezing as the doors were kept open i wouldnt go again.hope that helps even if it is a bit long winded.

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    Foodie have you been? and its £56 without we can do something else if i can find something lol
    MB yeh i agree but i have been to the odd cack place and liked it

    Thanks Saffy thats what was on tripadvisor, I mean if it was £12 i would go. We paid a lot more for Butlins one year but i couldnt fault it! Santa was excellent-shows and alkinds..maybe i will look Butlins again-thanks to you all-i am still looking alternatives if anyone has any input? xx

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    thanks guys we ae going to Butlins! xx
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