Santander cards uk DD I didn't know about!!!

Posted 17th May 2012
I bank with HSBC, and since they introduced this stupid code generator to log into online banking and I haven't been checking my statements. It is very difficult to have me, the laptop and the code generator in the same room at the same time!!!! To my horror when I checked my account I found a direct debit with Santander cards UK and over 8 months they charged £500 FOR ???????
I have cancelled this now and got refund but an investigation is initiated which is fine by me as I never dealt with them.
My worry now is that my wife said this name rings a bell with here, we have joined account, and she thinks she had a card store with them which she used to buy something for £30 and she paid the amount in full and asked for the card to be cancelled. this was January last year and direct debit started JULY 2011. We moved house in August. I am worried about identity theft how does it work? Obviously if any thing signed they wouldn't have my signature but I am worried about the fact that you can start direct debit over the phone with no signature. Should I worry about this.
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