Santander - closing an account without going into the branch

Posted 11th Jan 2011
Basically my Grandad has terminal cancer, we've had some time to come to terms with it and now he just wants to get things in order, to help my nan really.
He wants to close his account, taking the money out and putting it into my Grandma's account, he doesn't want her having to deal with this once hes gone, so hes trying to sort it now.

Hes had Macmillan onto them, he spent an hour on the phone with them himself (Which resulted in him feeling even more ill and having a slight panic attack at the end of it), his GP has even tried to help, but theyre all being told the same thing - That he needs to go into a branch to do it, despite everyone telling them that he cant get there.

His nearest one is in the middle of the city centre. Hes unable to leave the house, let alone use transportation to get anywhere. He cant stand/wait for any length of time either.. For hospital appointments he has to have an ambulance in order for him to lay flat.. My Nanna cant get to the bank either (to maybe open an account and transfer the money, do it that way perhaps) as she is disabled herself.

I just think its disgusting that they cant help him at all. They wont send anyone out, they wont send any forms out, they just keep saying that he has to go in.. failing that, just wait until he passes.
While I know this wont be happening everyday to hundreds of people, surely they should have something in place for people who need/want to close their accounts but are genuinely unable to get into their branch.

Is there anything that I can do to help him/them, or is this just the way it is and we're stuck with it?

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