Santas on his way!

    Track him in google earth or on the Norad website…tml


    Worth a look ... good for the kids:santa:


    just been arrested for drink driving... christmas is cancelled


    just been arrested for drink driving... christmas is cancelled


    How fab!! Thanks for the link.


    my sons been tracking santa for about an hour now.

    He is only in Russia

    Brill Kids loved that rec

    ******, he's just been shot down by a ground to sleigh missile whilst passing over (insert country here) :whistling:

    Have a very PC Christmas everyone! :santa:

    I did this last year with my son, must've been about 7pm ish.. just before he went to bed and santa was over some non-descript country like azerbijan ??? he said why isnt he near our country.. so i had to say it's too early for him to be here yet.... he was gutted he wouldnt get to see him fly past our house on google earth.. lol

    I tell mine he has to be in bed before Santa gets to the UK
    if Santa's sees he's not asleep by then he won't stop at our house

    Always helps to get him into bed at a good time!

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