Sara Lee Apple Danish Bar

    hello everybody, i am a fan of the Sara Lee Apple Danish bars which used to be sold in every supermarket freezer sections through out Britain but are now incredibly difficult to find, Dose anyone know of Any shops that still stock them in the UK? If so please post and i will be extremely greatful to say the least.


    I don't usually buy danish fruit bars but have you tried Iceland and Farmfoods?
    Do they still sell Sara Lee desserts?
    If I'm going past Farm Foods I'll have a look in there as I don't shop in there much,same goes for Iceland really.

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    cheers, thanks for that.

    i see them in co-op all the time

    costcutter have them too ;-)

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    wow cheers for that, it is really appreciated.

    I am pretty sure that they stock them in morrisons

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    I am pretty sure that they stock them in morrisons

    cheers for that, a morrisons is opening nearby sometime this year. if i dont find them elsewhere i guess ill have to wait.
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