Sassie hits 12k ................

Well done, great entertainment ............... ;-)


Well done sassie............

Well Done

Congrates Sassie. One day that'll be me x lol


Well done m8

well done! :thumbsup:

W00t Well done i love reading your posts

Congrats sassie, only spoken to you once but you made me laugh. x :thumbsup:


This gals definately got something to say ;-)

Congratulations sweetie:-D


Congrats hun xxx

Not really into these threads so this is my first post in one.

It's not just a well done on reaching 12000 posts but more a well done on your input.

Any monkey can write a post so the number doesn't matter, yours though are generally worth reading so well done. I'll look forward to the next 12000.



congrats xx

Well done girl - now kick some more ass!!!

Congrats and well done - you could yap for England!!!! (I'm not at all like that!!) :oops:
[COLOR="DarkOrange"][SIZE="4"]well done Sassie[/SIZE][/COLOR]:thumbsup:


im impressed over 1 hour, no nasty tags, no spam or expired - lol

thanks guys, run out of rep already but this has made me realise im glad i have never posted a "I'm leave because" thread
Good ones!!


Congrats Sass

Congratulations to a lovely lady xx

well done

well done girl

[CENTER][FONT="Palatino Linotype"] [SIZE="4"]A screeching, ranting, gotta have an opinion on everything wench from Hell & with 12,000 posts that will bear that out....

BUT she's also one of the smartest, kindest, quickest witted (good days only), caring & GENUINE people/characters here...[/SIZE]

[SIZE="6"]A top job well done...Don't go changin' Sass!!?![/SIZE] [/FONT]

Well Done

well done sassie assie ;-)

Congrats Sassie:thumbsup:

:? Sassie? Never heard of her ! :whistling:

Nice one hun!! :-D


[CENTER][SIZE="6"][COLOR="Red"]Sassie's burning down the threads
so thought you might need some help cooling off!!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

Congrats Sassie

Blimmy double celebration 12000 posts and my bithday ...

Well done girl :thumbsup: and congratulations

thot i congratulated you but might have been someone else! suze maybe



Congrats Sassie who does that pic look like
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