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Hi Guys,

I'm posting this on behalf of someone.

Does anyone know any decent Sat Nav packages around, pref TomTom, and no more than £200 ??



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Anyone ?

Not tomtom but what about this ??

Garmin Streetpilot i3




these are selling on ebay for about £180ish...potental profit also ?

The garmin i3 is under £100 at Somerfields. Absolute bargain, check out the thread in the Hot Deals forum and see if you can dig one up. They're getting hard to find though...

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under £100 !!!! **SHOCKED FACE**

that indeed is an absolute bargain !

ohh n thanks admin... didnt take that long :P

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Cheers guys !


TomTom mobile might be a cheap option for you, if your friend has got a compatible mobile phone. Compared to a dedicated TT unit, the cost is far less. I've used it for a year, and am very happy.

I would suggest poking around the tomtom website to check their phone etc, and if it's a winner, try eBay for a good price. You might see some dodgy copies on there, although I'm sure your friend wouldn't be interested in them... Seriously, it's a good product and very practical.

Regards, Steve

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