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Found 9th Feb 2007

My friend would like to buy a Sat Nav with these specs.

[SIZE=2]A case to put it when not in use.
A portable one that can easily move from car to car - with no resetting or tools required!
A nice big clear screen
Simple to use
Speed camera indicator
Maps available to get on line - with little or no extra costs
[/SIZE]Good battery life
Reliable traffic updates

Obviously some of these are very generic but I think if it had Europe in it already she'd be set. She wants to use it between two cars so if you get another arm mount, that would be great. Also, this could be a daft question (i dont have one myself) but can you turn the sound off on these things? :?

Budget is around the £250 - 300 mark. Obviously the cheaper the better, especially if there are suscription costs.
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Only £7.49 delivered!

Sorry, couldn't resist! :lol:

Seriously, I have a PDA with TomTom navigator on it and a seperate GPS unit. I can take it anywhere with me!
I got PDA on phone contract for free, and obtained Tomtom too :whistling:
Sorry I couldn't help..
i have a snooper indago with speed camera update, tis a shame it dont do map updates...ive tried a garmin i330 and a tom tom 1 both are rubbish in comparison, the snooper had the better map to use and see, only bad point with snooper is that there aint alot of points of intrest compared with the others but the free speed camera updates are free foreever once you paid £100 fee and there very good and have saved points on my license many of times and money in fines have paid for itself
You can get a road angel navigator from decent sellers on ebay for around £180 - gutted cause I paid £500 when it first came out!

But I must say it does the job!

It does absolutley everything you mentioned above and the good thing about them is that they have a fantastic battery life and are completely portable so if your having a little trouble finding your way back to your car...

OK that might just be me! lol!
I have a Tomtom 510 and cant fault it. Try ]this website for the lowest prices available. Dixons have it priced at £259.99 (with code) which includes a RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver which shows you where the traffic is. This on its own costs in excess of £50.
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