sat nav - any ideas please?

    Looking for a sat nav. Been told my my friend that Tom Tom are best as Nav Man take you the long way round. Any ideas which sat navs are any good please? Wont use it much, just now and again and want to spend less than £100.


    I use TomTom. Have tried others but did not like them. I have seen them on here for around £80 - £90.…am/

    I'd say go into somewhere like Halfords and have a look at which one suits you the best (size, features etc) and then have a look around for the cheapest price. There is no right or wrong answer, personally I have a Navman and i'm really happy with it - never taken me a long way round! and unlike the TomTom my dad has hasn't taken me down a dead end either. People will argue the one they have is best, but it is all down to personal preference.

    i got a tom tom one they are less than £100 and it is very good but there are plenty other makes out there

    TomTom all the way. I've not used any other satnav to compare, but I am really happy with TomTom so it gets my vote.

    I also use Tom Tom as recommended by a friend and it's great, very easy to use. If you only require UK navigation then the Tom Tom One GB should suffice, there are several versions of this available with the latest (I think) being v4. The v3 should set you back around £85, but I seem to remember people preferring the v2 as it accomodated SD cards - easier to update mapping.

    Ive got a Navman S30 3d and really happy with it. Easy to use and very clear. Sound is a little quiet even on max but its ok. Havnt really used any other sat navs but my brothers garmin seems to be a bit slow on reading out directions.

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    sadiebabes;4330699 £45 from WHSmith... easy to put TomTom on it too, see ]this thread

    Thanks everyone. Sadie, that sounds good - does it work just like tom tom then once it has the update on it? Or do u think I should just get a proper tom tom

    One of the best satnavs around ,as long as you change the software [easily done ] is the Navigo . I've had the 4.3" since early last year . Hacked it and put 3 other satnav programs on , this is not needed as the latest version of TT is excellent . I have bought 2 of the new versions from WHSmith recently , Navigo 3.5" v2 and have not needed to hack these to put TT7 on . Absolutely fantastic little things , plays mp3 's lets you watch your photos and videos with excellent quality . I now prefer the 3.5" to the bigger one as it's so compact .They were £39.99 , then went to £49.99 , then came down to £44.99 and a bargain at that .

    Yup, works just the same as a TomTom would, as far as I know... I don't see the point in spending more to get the same thing tbh. It's really easy to do too and someone will always be around to help if you have problems

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    Thanks everyone

    Some useful info in this thread...thanks!
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