Sat Nav - Best a good one or a cheap one and add TomTom (Or similar)

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Found 5th Sep 2008

I am currently looking to purchase a sat nav unit for my car.

I've seen on here many times sat navs that are available for approx £50 and can be "modified" to install TomTom (Or similar). I've also noticed a lot of higher units now available for a tad over £100.

What would you suggest going for? Eg, TomTom XL for approx £120 or a cheap unit for £50 and add TomTom (Please consider for the sake of argument that inclusive of TomTom the price remains at £50 for arguements sake)?

As far as I can tell once a cheap unit has TomTom on it is exactly the same bar physical/hardware limitations (Smaller screen, possibly lack of bluetooth, etc).

Would you recommend a cheap device, and modify, or get a "higher" specced model from the word go?




one thing to bear in mind is that AFAIK all the ones you can add tomtom to are pda based and tomtom have stopped updating those maps.

Personally I'd go the legitimate route and buy a real TomTom if I wanted TomTom. Anything else is just stealing. Cost me £80 for Western Europe for my Tytn II.
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