sat nav deals

    hi all anyone seen any good deals for sat nav


    Which model are u looking for ninegt ?

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    [SIZE=2]dont no much about them so i am open to what anyone recommends as a good deal[/SIZE]

    Cheap & good product is [COLOR=darkred]Garmin i3[/COLOR] for around £129.99 delivered from various shops. (sold in Comet, Ebuyer and Savastore at this price)
    Where: ]Comet

    I personally own a [COLOR=darkred]Navman iCN 330[/COLOR] which costs £138 at THELINK (use code PAYGO10 at the checkout to get this price) inc Free del.
    Where: ]The Link

    If you go through Quidco, you will get 3.5% cashback from Comet and 5% from TheLink

    The cheapest price I could find for a colour screen GPS is [COLOR=darkred]Gizmondo GZRT200007 Gizmondo Mobile Gaming Console With GPS Satellite Navigation[/COLOR] for £119 inc Free delivery at Currys
    Where: ]Currys

    You will get 2% Quidco cashback for Currys.

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    thanks for your help edi i will check these out
    how do you rate the navman

    I am pleased with it certainly. Value for money but limited to 5 digit postcode search (as are many systems)

    If you can spare some more cash, check this Roadcom 400 at Woolworths for £179

    Where: Woolworths

    This has 3.5" screen (compared to 2.8" for Navman 330) and 7 digit postcode search. Also built in speed camera warning system and TOUCH screen (Navman 330 doesnt have this).
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