Sat Nav / GPS - Garmin StreetPilot 2620

    Hi Folks,

    My dad is looking to get a GARMIN Street Pilot 2620 .
    RRP is £799.

    I'm looking for the best online deal that I can get for him.



    Maplin Electronics have it on clearance for £599.96 a lot lower than your R.R.P. price.
    Code is A18BW, not on the website though so best to ring up their Head Office and ask which stores have it.

    If I remember right, there's soon to be released a newer model the 2650, and the 2620 unit was massive. See if you can persuade your dad to get a smaller unit like the i3 (approx £150ish) or the C320, C330 about 1/2 the size of the 2620 and a hell of a lot lighter.

    As an argument, you could say it's easier to remove and more thief proof...
    And the price is a lot cheaper!!

    Original Poster

    Thanks Workaholic for the price from Maplins.
    It's still quite expensive at that, so it might be a case of looking around for a second hand one.

    It is the 2620 that he is particularly interested in because of the integrated hard disk and the fact that you can have all the maps on it at once.

    He isn't too bothered about the size as he will be touring in a motorhome and so it will sit on the dash further away than in a normal car, so bigger is better in this case.

    I take your point that it'll be a bit of hassle to carry around to stop it getting nicked.

    Thanks for the advice anyway,
    It's always good to get another opinion.
    Much appreciated,

    In that case then a Tom Tom Go 700, with the Full maps of Europe (including UK) built into the 2GB hard drive would be more than adequate. Newer technology, great additional services such as where the traffic jams are from Tom Tom themselves (see their website, but at a charge for the services.)

    And finally cheaper and smaller still. R.R.p about £570 when it came out last year, now £344.96 from amazon with free delivery…840

    Hope that helps.
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