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    Hi, I need a sat nav by Wednesday 13th August so would appreciate some advise
    I can spend £150-175 and need western europe maps, I want bluetooth and speed camera alerts and would like traffic updates.
    Doesn't have to have the most up-to-date maps but 2008 maps would be a bonus.
    I have used TomTom and quite like it but I am happy to change if there is something better out there. I have seen the 720T which ticks all the above but can't stretch the extra £70 to get a 730T.



    I would choose TomTom 720,but if you are short with money,TomTom 520 will do the job. These models are the best,no other sattelite navigation systems available here can compare with them.

    Here is one...for UK & Europe I think.


    EDIT - Might not be of use to you.

    Try this:…343

    TomTom Go 510 - under budget, a bit bulky BUT it will allow bluetooth calls and you can update it to the latest maps (with mapshare enabled so maps always current) with a well defined google search.

    I don't know if there is anything better but I feel you would be happy with the TT system whichever model you buy. I have used a PDA and seperate GPS and now just changed to a bottom end TT One v3 with EU maps. I have only used in Uk, and have loaded it with the pocketgps speed camera database. I also have the RDS traffic receiver which works fine despite all the negative press about it. Seems pretty accurate when I have used it on longer hourneys but I'm not an everyday user of that facility.

    I have found the TT one very good getting around and even though I was concerned about buying a small screen it's proved just fine. I am a bit fussy with gadgets and like quality stuff but this does everything I have asked of it. I even found the spoken words much better, more understandable and user friendly and feel the TT is a more refined and mature product than the 3 yr old TT systems I have had before. I have had TT sat nav software now for quite a few years and feel they have come a long way with this self contained unit. Of course I don' t mess around with my sat nav showing films, playing mp3's, routing my phone through bluetooth so I don't know if that complicates issues or not. I just let it do what it was really desiugned for.

    The other point is TT seem to have it about right just plugging in to the PC for updates. Even though I am computer savvy and gadget nerdy, I feel this bottom end TT is almost perfect and user friendly. I cames away from the PDA based TT I had before because I was fed up of messing around with this and that whereas this is 'all in one' and simple I honestly can't find anything to moan about with it. Just for reference too, the voice is more than loud enough too and the unit works for several hours off the internal battery. Accessories are a bit steep though.

    I'd guess there are some classy, bigger and maybe better units but I think TT does the job and have it about right.

    Where are you going?, be careful of some European laws, think its France that has a law against ALL speed camera detection/pinpoint kit, meaning you could get your new satnav confiscated and end up with a fine!

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    I am going through France and on to Spain so I will try to keep it out of sight a bit.

    Any one know somewhere where the 720T is in stock - they are disappearing quick.

    totalpda have a manufacturer refurb at £165 + p&p - has anyone had any issues with these - they should be OK I guess if re furbed by TomTom


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    I got the TomTom 720T from Digital2U - ordered after 2pm yesterday and it arrived before 10am today. £181 including P&P. Not sure which version of maps it has yet but I have 30 days to download latest maps and a free update to safety cameras.

    Will let you know how I get on with it.

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