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Found 5th Dec 2010
I'm contempating purchasing my dad a sat nav for his birthday, however, I know nothing about them and it seems there's a massive variation in price - from say 50 to 200 etc.

As I understand it different sat nav systems run different sofware with some being vastly superior. Also, when you purchase how do you get updates to roads and stuff? - Is this something you have to pay extra for or something that comes with it?

I'm not looking to spend a fortune but I don't want to waste £50 on a device with ancient maps and a crippled OS which is a nightmare to use.

Also, since my dad's no spring chicken or tech whiz I'm looking for something easy to use.

So, can anyone answer my questions firstly about how these devices and stuff work, and then perhaps suggest some good ones?

Many thanks in advance

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lol, that's how it started really. The road atlas he has is about 10 years old. I'd contemplated getting a new one of those but thought a sat nav might be cool...!

stick with tomtom, if screen size isn't an issue, tomtom one or tomtom start has 3.5" screen, try Halfords online or Currys as they usually have deals at this time of the year

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I take it you're not a fan then mate lol. I thought Tom Tom was kind of the starting point myself, and that ones like the RAC one at Halfords or the Garmin ones would only be good if you were on a budget and were willing to compromise or tweak it etc.

My Dad was a complete technophobe and laughed everytime I mentioned about getting a satnav. In the end he got a TomTom as they are the simplest of them all. He is definitely over the moon with it and has changed his opinions on some technologies now. The thing that makes me, and him, laugh is that he purposely now misses a turning just so that the woman can tell him off.

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Thanks for the additional replies. My mum's a bit concerned that my dad will get a bit distracted by a sat nav! (I think she just doesn't want to be replaced as 'navigator' by a small box with an irritating voice) ha ha!

I might still go for it if I can't think of something else.

Interesting thing about Garmin vs TomTom, for starters I think TomTom is a stupid name, but quite normal for an inferior product to be considered 'the' product when it comes to technology I guess - countless examples in history
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