Sat Nav Help - did I do the right thing?


    I'll summarize:

    PC World Sale
    3 Cheap Sat Navs all £59.97
    Tomtom One XL, TomTom 710, TomTom 910.
    I bought TomTom One XL.

    Should I have bought one of the others instead? Did I get a good price for a TomTom One XL? Would love some reassurance, or I'm taking it back!!! lol.



    I really cannot see any reason why you should need to take it back. If it works fine, keep it.

    They are all very similar and if they were all the same price, then i can guess they are very similar specs. You got a good deal though. have fun

    sell it to me there werent any near me and i was waiting to get this one in the sales

    Can anyone tell me where I can get uploads, etc for my old TOMTOM.

    It thinks a certain field is a new road and that I can drive through brick walls so need to do a satellite update!

    tomtom 910t for £59? WOW that is a bargain.

    damn, i pickd up a tomtom xl from the JL sale, from £150 down to £99, and i thought i had a good deal lol... looks like im tkain mine back 2ma. urs was a bargin!!
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