Sat nav Help..... tomtom 1 XL or Tomtom go520

    Hi all.. Hope someone can help. Looking to buy a sat nav over the weekend. I have used a tomtom in the past and liked it lots, and they are real easy to use.
    I am a little unsure of which to go for.. feels like buying a rail ticket there are so many options.
    OK, I was going to buy the tomtom1 (£99 version) and then realised it had no card slot, meaning I could not get anyother maps on it. (will need Canada in June), so decided to get the go520, as it has a card slot, and the added bonus of bluetooth handsfree phone. (£165ish)
    Then I noticed the tomtom1Xl, (around£120), but no bluetooth, and I can live with that. This does appear to have a card slot though.

    OK, what I guess i am asking is... If I get either the TT1XL or the TTgo520, will I be able to add other maps to them simply. (buying the card and installing I'm guessing), or have i missed the whole point...

    Are there any other significant differences between the two other than the bluetooth..?

    thanks, and hope someone can help.



    TTgo520! or even 720 for abit more money!

    The TomTom XL has got BlueTooth spec listed below:

    [*]Highly sensitive GPS chipset
    [*]32 MB RAM
    [*]CPU 266 MHz
    [*]4.3 inch full TFT colour LCD touchscreen (480 x 272 pixels, 64.000 colors)
    [*]Internal memory 512 MB
    [*]SD slot (only for additional maps, SD not included)
    [*]Bluetooth™ 2.0
    [*]Internal Litium-Ion battery (2 hours operation)
    [*]119 x 86 x 27 mm, 208 grams
    [*]Operating temperature: -10 °C to +55 °C[/LIST]

    I dont think the 1XL has bluettoth enabled for voice caling like on the 520/720/920 though. I think its only there to link in to your phone for traffic updates or someother random thing.

    Fwiw, I'd go for the 520 as its the better model.

    520 definately! It's got the bluetooth hands free option!
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