Sat nav on my Nokia N70

    Hi guys

    I've got an old N70 lying about and i'm thinking about using it as a sat nav, but i don't really know where to start. I'm after some advice and probably a good deal on the software - do i need to pay subscription fees etc. I've seen the gps unit elsewhere on hukd for £30, but any other advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    btw - Mods, if you think this should be elsewhere please feel free to move.




    TBH, Sat Nav is all my N70 is useful for lol! Really GASH phone, but the Sat Nav does come in handy!

    Somebody from another forum was kind enough to send me a cracked copy of the Tom Tom software, and I just got a bluetooth GPS receiver from Fleabay for about £35.

    It does come in really useful, the only problem is when the bluetooth signal drops out when you are close to your destination lol!!!!!!

    I am not sure how much the official software is, I am guessing £100+ inlcuding a receiver. For that sort of money, you can now pick up a stand alone Sta Nav!

    And personally I don't think it's worth subscribing to a service either.

    It's up to you, but if you have a nosey on some P2P sites, you might find someone willing to share the software with you!

    Original Poster

    Thanks NatD - have been around the P2P sites, and found a route 66 and a tomtom v6.01 so hopefully will find something that works. will try and get that working and invest in a gps unit

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