Sat Nav recommendations please

    Hi everyone

    Can anyone suggest a good sat nav a friend at work wishes to buy one, not sure which manufacturer is best!

    Thank you for any info received


    I heard them sat nag's are really

    As always get the best you can afford but with different manufacturers check on how much the map updates are.... they often cost more than the original device..

    I love tomtom even an idiot like me can use it.
    Its very simple just like me.

    Original Poster

    Thanks, will go for TomTom


    Thanks, will go for TomTom

    I find my TomTom One very easy to use, however, the rechargeable battery loses it's charge after about 18 months and one cannot easily replace it (if one does replace it oneself, one voids the TomTom warranty).

    Forewarned is forearmed :thumbsup:
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