Sat Nav Stolen Out Of Works Van Best Price For A Tomtom One Please

    Hi the best price for a Tomtom One please as our sat nav was stolen by some ***hole yesterday in Bury, Lancashire.I work hard for my money but these people just steal and sell on probably to buy there fix anyway any help would be much appreciated thank you.


    Mate sorry to hear about your loss altho i always bring mine in from the car for the night or if im down the hi street, i usually hide it in a special place that only i know ;-)
    Also remove your sucker thing that holds the tom tom and hide that with the console aswell

    Just advice not critisism :thumbsup:

    not TomTom but the Carphone Warehouse have a Garmin i3 Sat Nav reduced from £169.99 to just £99.99?

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    Thanks for the reply guys i appreciate it i will probably go for the curry's one.:thumbsup:

    These codes do not work.

    Scum bags, I hope their next sh1t is a hedgehog.

    Either Halfords or Dixons have the best deals at the momment but I would be intrested if any one can find a better deal.

    TomTom One GB
    Discounted Price
    Discount code:

    TomTom One GB
    Discounted Price: £178.35
    Promotion code: GOOGLETTGB

    Buy one of ]these I've got one on my van, never had a break in yet. Truth is I keep more tools in the van overnight than I do through the day. They'll never know!

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    Thanks for the information i do really appreciate it this site is full of people who really do help people find the best deals keep it up good work :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Seriously though mate, me and my mucka where working away in Notts the other day and he was pulled over at the side of the road getting his next job off his laptop, a bloke opened the van door and said gimme your laptop or am gonna do you. He gave it to the fella like, company I work for is good like that though, they say laptops can be replaced Engineers can't. Unreal that people like this exist. The laptop would of been useless to them or anyone else.
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