Sat Nav / TomTom with LANE ASSISTANCE

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Posted 30th Jul 2019
Help please!? Which is the best Sat Nav out there with built in Lane Guidance?

Please dont say to download any any phone apps as I would rather save my phone battery and data.

Please also don’t ask me why I need lane guidance and call me a bad driver. There are many roundabouts in the UK where you only realise which lane you need to be in once you have done it a few times. If you are new to a roundabout which is tricky there must be a sat nav out there which says “Keep in the right hand lane” or “move to the middle lane ready to exit at the 4th exit” etc. Just a bit of added security to yourself so you know you’re definitely in the correct lane and to avoid any sudden changes needing to be made.

Any helpwould be appreciated
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