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Found 21st Sep 2006
Am after a sat nav with TCM built in (or the TCM receiver with the sat nav). Also it must be one that you dont have to subscribe for the TCM.
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Hi mightymoos, there was a really good deal flying about for the Navman 530 with the TMC (seperate) they were going for £279.99

here you go tho :


there was one for dixons and you could have used a code but there all out of stock
Top notch... good deal.
[SIZE=2]After your post i checked around and found a navman 550 for slightly cheaper (i think it has TMC built in as well) at handtec.co.uk for £222.07 inc vat. I think its the next model up as well.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Added to your rep! thanks[/SIZE]
no problem, thanks
I have found the Garmin 310D to be the one of the best,it has a TMC and looks the business.Worth every penny for me.:thumbsup:
You could try the new Mio C210. Built in TMC and available for less than £200. It uses MioMap v3 which is a modified version of iGo 2006. The maps are excellent and the visual quality is excellent. Far better than the likes of TomTom. Includes all the usual stuff like Speed Cam warnings and POI's and so on.
In fact it's available for under £150, but probably a bit more including delivery.

]Mio C210
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