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Found 29th Dec 2009
My car has a Sat Nav system in-built.
However, I do a lot of European travel and want a portable Sat Nav with earphone socket for pedestrian use in city centres etc.
I also want a large screen so my wife can use it in her car.
I've looked around and can't find any model with this necessary socket.
As you'll appreciate, having to hold a Sat Nav in full view in a foreign city centre telegraphs you as tourist and potential theft victim since you're trying to concentrate all the time on directions and not on 'other' things.
Having the unit attached to earphones while it's safely in your pocket is surely a must-have feature and I'm amazed manufacturers appear to be ignoring this while still happy to mention 'pedestrian mode' in their specifications!
Can anyone recommend an up-to-date model that fits the bill?
Many thanks
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Very nice unit if you put tomtom on it which takes about 10 mins and you can follow simple instructions. You can of cause get maps for just about anywhere in the world.

Any help you need can be found ]here.:whistling::thumbsup:
Not a bad idea putting it in your pocket, never thought of that! Although to be honest I have only ever used my TT720 a couple of times as a pedestrian device in a city (and have a proper walking sat nav for over fields etc.). I guess these days many people use mobile phone sat navs. I would have thought many of the sat navs that can play MP3's may well have a headphone socket, my TT does anyway.
Thanks for your time and help...the F&H looks interesting, but I really don't know a thing about this company.
Having to alter the software to Tom Tom doesn't sound too positive a recommendation for the software already on the F&H, does it?
However, it seems to tick all the other boxes...and that elusive earphone socket.:-D
I'll give it all some thought....
Thanks again.
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