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    Considering a Sat Nav for other half but we also do a lot of mountain walking. I know there are things you can buy for mountain walking (? GPS systems, instead of taking maps).

    Is there a device that will do for mountains and general road use together. I don't know anything about Sat Navs?


    There are sat navs you can get specifically for walking - they tend to use, or be able to use topographical maps.

    Typically the ones you get for automotive / road use are different in how they deal with routing. Some have pedestrian modes, that provide walking routes using at least roads. Whether they are OK, or not, for general hill walking type use I'm not so sure - you may well need one of the more specialist units for that.

    It may be worth asking the question in the forums on ]PocketGPSWorld, somebody is bound to have some advice, there.

    As a generalism, I'd say that the normal sat navs you see being discussed here, may be little use for hill / fell walking.

    There are satnavs available. Check Memory Map website. They have the Road Angel 7000 (think they call it the Adventurer version).

    There are other options. You can for instance install both Tom Tom and Memory Map on a PDA.

    Or here is a cheaper option that I am having dificulty justifying (as I already have standalone devices). Get a Loox…981 or…000. Haven't got detail to hand, but if you have a hunt on the web you'll find this can be modified to accept both Tom Tom and Memory Map.

    The are downsides if moving from a standalone device. Notably batter life and ruggedness

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    Thanks guys will take a look. Just don't seem to make sense to buy both items separately

    Hi - If you're after the Loox 100, it can be found a bit cheaper (£104.98) here...
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