SATA controller card (PCI) + advice if I may be so bold...

Found 1st Jul 2010
Dodgy title but it's been a long day and my wit has run dry...

I've just got myself another SATA hard drive and when installing it the penny dropped that my DVD drive is now a SATA... No spare ports... Berk!

So firstly I'm after a PCI card to add SATA ports. I've seen a couple here and there and on example at Amazon (4 Port SATA PCI Expansion Card &IDE VIA VT6421a chipset) price at just short of £7 seems OK, but these are penny pinching times and I've never used Amazon Market Place before so I'm a little wary. If anyone can beat that I'd be happy to hear. And to be 100% I'm not exactly sure what I need to check when it comes to chipsets and so on?!?

I would prefer it to be UK based as all the ebayers seem to be based in HK these days!

I'd also like to ask if anyone knows the truth behind one of the reviews that states the 3 SATA channels are actually 2. One channel supposedly is shared between an internal and an external port. While not a problem today, it could be in the future.

Lastly - I know this is a deal request section, but while I'm here - what is the opinion on set up? My motherboard has 4 SATAs and I have the following drives.

2 x 200 SATA
1 x 750 SATA
1 x 1TB SATA

Ta very much for your thoughts and potential deals.
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Cheers dcx, but I'm really looking at the internal route. Not least because of a lack of desk space. And plug sockets.

Oh yeah... And a lightfingered little brother who fills his drives even faster than I do. Heheh!

job done for cheap or maplin.co.uk/mod…036 bit more expensive solution

also on opinion to your setup I would scrap the 2 x 200gb and get a 500 / 1 tb instead or just buy a usb external but as for your space prob not applicable
VT6421 is a much sought after chipset due to it's compatibility with something unrelated. In your case almost all SATA PCI controllers should be compatible so you should be able to get a cheaper one than £7.

HK will definitely be your cheapest route and you could most likely be able to get one for around £2-3 delivered if you're able to wait a week or two.
Cheers Kapa & Spark...

Kapa. Can't really afford to bin 2 drives and pay for a 500 only to gain an extra 100 gigs. Although I do think it's a good idea. Maybe in a few weeks. OK months! Heheh.

As for the SVP deal, postage kills it. Shame really as I've always liked SVP and even though I do use Scan more as it's local... ish!

Spark... £2-3... Really?!? That would be very nice indeed! I'll keep my eyes peeled. I'm guessing you mean ebait?!?

Thanks again chaps or otherwise. (You never can tell on tis interwibble).
Yeah, ebay unfortunately.

It's not a bad site for things like that though as it is full of Chinese sellers trying to undercut eachother now.
Sorry folks...

Meant to post back just to let you know how I went on. Ended up opting for a slightly different card to the above and got one with 4 USB2 ports as well. Cost a few bob more but as I was in need of more USBs it seemed to make sense.

Thanks again for your input... Rep left accordingly... At last, heheh!!!
Where's the rep button gone?!?

New sites... If it ain't broke, why fix it? That's what I say!!!
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