Sata power cable splitter/extender?

Found 1st Mar 2008
Does anyone know if I can buy a sata power cable splitter or extender?,
I,m running my dvd rom and an extra hd with the power cable stretched very tight between them so want to either extend the already split power cable or split it again (making 3 connections, 1 spare) is that possible?
The ones I've seen on ebay all seem to be sata splitters but with the old style power cable connector at the other end?, bit confused, any advice much appreciated!
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Thanks emasu, just the job!:thumbsup:

Thanks emasu, just the job!:thumbsup:

:thumbsup::thumbsup: any idea what the orange cable is for? Google was no help, it's just tried using a Maplin molex to SATA splitter but it doesn't have the orange cable because of this my new Seagate 500GB drive wouldn't work correctly. I took the SATA power cable out of my SATA DVD drive and used that for the HDD, then used the molex splitter on my SATA DVD drive which works, any idea why? I figure it's something to do with the power management on the drive?

Wikipedia knows all:

thanks, explains why the SATA DVD drive works and the newer Seagate SATA drive doesn't with the molex connector adaptor.

" * Pin 11 is used in newer drives for staggered spinup.

Adaptors are available to convert a 4-pin Molex connector to a SATA power connector. However, because the 4-pin Molex connectors do not provide 3.3 V power, these adapters provide only 5 V and 12 V power and leave the 3.3 V lines unconnected. This precludes the use of such adapters with drives that require 3.3 V power. Understanding this, drive manufacturers have largely left the 3.3 V power lines unused. However, without 3.3 V power, the SATA device may not be able to implement hotplugging as mentioned in the previous paragraph."
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