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    I am not technical person at all and as u know due to digital change, I am not able to use my TV channels.

    Any body, please suggest me cheapest dish/ satellite receiver/ set box.

    I just need the basic tv channels for my kids and unable to afford sky or virgin.

    at present i can find this on Amazon, please advise…-18

    if i buy above unit, what else do i need to have to watch tv, ( i got tv and free view box)

    Please reply


    For Freeview, this site will give you some idea of how good a signal you will get at your postcode, and which transmitter is best. It's not completely foolproof, but it's not far wrong.

    If you are in anything but a good signal area, you'll need a good aerial mounted outside and as high up as possible and a good aerial cable. Ordinary TV Coaxial is not the best - I know that from bitter experience - If you are in a poor signal area, using good quality, fully screened cable does make a difference. Satellite cable is actually quite good for digital terrestrial.

    This site is pretty useful for all sorts of advice

    This site has a lot of discussion about boxes, problems, cures and self-help. If you are thinking of a specific box, this is a good place to check out what you are thinking about

    You may need an aerial amplifier - If you do, one close to the aerial is better than one close to the set.
    Most set-top boxes seem quite reasonable these days.

    You can pick up a good quality hard disk PVR recording box for £60-70 - There are a couple around with Alba's badge on which are actually made by Vestel. These seem to have a good press.

    You may see low-price Digifusion hard disk recorder PVR boxes going on EBay. Although these were excellent boxes, the electronic programme guide service they used wasn't the "standard" Freeview one. Unfortunately the service from 4TV which these used is no longer being transmitted and, at the time of writing, there's no workaround. All you have is now-and-next. You can still set up recordings the old fashioned way like an old video recorder. It's just a pain, but if you're OK with that it may be a cheap way to get a decent box. The FVRT200 is good.

    If you live in a poor signal area, you may do better with Freesat. (That's NOT the Freeesat From Sky) (This one and This one) Boxes are a bit pricier and you'll need a dish and a Low Noise Block. An old Sky dish is fine. If you want a Freesat hard disk recorder, you 'll need a Low Noise Block with twin outputs mounted on the dish.

    You can install the dish yourself (I've done a couple),but if you're not confident it may be best to get a contractor in.

    Take it easy, read lots, learn lots and enjoy.

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    Thanks Ninegt and Somebloke

    very helpful advice

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    A little more favour please

    With reference to the link of Aldi…htm

    How good is this, I am very sorry I am not technical person and do not know the technicalities, if this is good for my area, i can ask someone to install it for me I think they charge £40 for standard installation
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