Satellite related items i.e DISHES/COAXIAL CABLES etc

    any cheap websites for satellite items?and anybody who can set up for cheap,to receive all sats


    Plenty of specialists. When I set up I found that buying from Germany via ebay was the cheapest way to the dish/motor.

    Assuming you have reasonable line of sight then a dish of around 1m in size and a suitable motor will pull in most stuff. If you're mainly interested in european then you can get away with a smaller dish (depends how far north you are - I'm in n.yorks with a 90cm and can get most stuff that I want).

    When it comes to watching and decoding then you need to be careful. There are hacks/patches/cards around for most stuff as well as official receivers and cards.

    The linux based boxes give most flexibility but are also more complex to set up and maintain.

    You really need to say what sort of stuff you are interested in though. Try some of the sat forums, satkings etc. lists the channels (reasonably accurate)

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    mas99 thanks for reply,
    i already know about the patches,digitv etc..its just that my biggest problem is my dish is not set up properly...i have a 90cm motorished dish TM receiver 5600Ci...i really need eutelsat 16e...i can only receive a few january the satelite broke down and ever since it was hard for me to receive this i dont know what to do,either buy new dish or get somebody to pop also in yorkshire.

    Well the key thing with a motorised setup is to have the mounting pole vertical not leaning to one side at all.

    Make sure you have your longditude/latitude set up on the receiver. Use the receiver to drive the dish to a sat with a good strong clear channel - I used one of the ones on 5W when I set mine up - Then adjust/rotate your mounts to get reception on that channel.

    Tighten the mounts carefully - it is easy to pull off line when fastening the bolts/clamps.

    If you are not quite perfect in the alignment then you can fine tune. iirc on the technomate you can choose to use fully auto positioning (ie you tell it your location and the sat you want and it works it all out) or you can drive it to a position and get it to remember the position.

    Where abouts are you? If you're near me then I don't mind popping round and helping.

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    Batley...please say ur in west yorkshire lol..just name ur price mate i dont mind payin you if you fix the problem...

    also how do i get a better picture on my keeps flashing(hard to see) but it hurts ur eyes from time to time..a month ago i brought a gold technika scart lead,useless didnt improve.

    ps: also when changing chanels why does the signal change from example 90% to 66% in a split second...i strongly doubt its intereference of trees or bad wiring..

    Sorry, just re-read your post - you're getting some channels on 16E, but missing others?

    Can you give examples? With signal strengths? I'll check what I get.

    Possibilities are that the dish has moved due to wind or that the lnb /cable are iffy (are the connections sealed - rubber covers or self-amalgam tape?). Or that you need to fine tune.

    Have you checked that the lat/longditude is correct on your setup? Are you using fully auto or manual positioning?

    Batley - sorry, you're miles away - I'm up near Ripon.

    Can you tell us how the receiver is set up? Have you got your latitude/longitude set correctly?

    Do you get better signal if you drive the dish a little wy to the east or west? Is the dish easy for you to access? does lifting it or twisting it slightly help? If its an alignment issue then you can soon see how the alignment is out.

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    dont know what u mean bu manual or auto positioning mate..i dont use USALS or longitude..a friend of mine fount THOR so i presumed the allignement is correct as ppl say once you find thor u pretty much find everything...
    well for example for channel tv1 level is 92% i think quality is 62%,atlas tv level 92% quality 48%..
    i know that longitude latitude is 53.1 and 1.8 sumthin like that,but i think elevation is wrong..oh god owt cud be wrong lol..on some satellites i have amazing signal i.e 19.2e,13e,9e,5e,1w,5w etc..anything after 28.2e im struggling to find!

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    how many miles is that?

    Too Far!

    Sounds like you aren't too far out on the alignment If you're picking up signals from the sats around it (although things like 19 and 13 are stronger signals). Can you get stuff further West? I certainly can get most stuff between 30W and 40E. I'll check what I get on those channels later - our box is in use at the moment.

    Signal strength will vary between channels because you are looking at different transponders (easiest to think of this as being like different frequencies), different signal polarisation and frequency.

    It is much easier to look at things like this if you are on site - I'd suggest you join one of the big forums like alsat - theres a big technomate following on there and there will be someone near you that could check your system over and would know the set up on the box you have to check it.

    Given that you're picking up all those sats then if you used to get those channels but arent any more then I'd wonder about getting a new lnb but I'd certainly check the connections before I spent any money.

    When it went wrong what did you replace or alter to get it working again at all?

    The TM's have had there day now ,sadly . Everyones buying the Spiders now .I'm reluctant in spending any cash at the mo but I now get nowt with my 1500+ .Years ago I got just about every match on the French & German channels and lots more besides .
    Sounds like your dish setup is off . What motor are you using ? mines a H-H [Jaeger] and easy to set to 1*W [true south], thats the first sat to align to .Can be abit tricky to get the angles right ,all those declination , elevation , inclination angles and a meter is a must .
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