Satellite/Video Sender + Receiver

    As per Subject, I'm after one of those Video Senders so I can watch my Sky TV in another room. They all look to do the same thing but where can I buy the cheapest?!

    Thanks in advance...



    look at these:

    Argos £39.99 exc. delivery

    Pixmania £56.80 delivered

    Amazon £39 delivered

    or this one on Ebay £27.90 delivered for brand new Ferguson sender

    I've got one - it's Medion, and literally new. Used for maybe 1 hour. comes with box, etc.

    £20 + P&P if you're interested.

    Currys are selling a Ferguson A/V sender for £24.99.I bought one and it works great (so far).They also have a GigaAir one for £14.99.The Ferguson can be viewed on line at Search for sender.The GigAir one seems to be only in store.

    With TV Senders the main thing is is how far you want to go on these.

    If you aren't a 'quality' geek then then £20 ish ones are fine as they should give TV qual without much loss.

    If, however, you are wanting to link several devices to a sender (Like satellite, vcr, dvd player, etc) then you should look to having a decent priced one (Around £70-£90) as these will have a lot of scart ports avail and generally have IR receivers/transmitters so you can actually use your remotes wherever you are sending to.

    I bought one for a friend about 6 months ago and he absolutley loves it - awesome picture quality and very useful to be able to use the remotes.

    I think this is one of the instances where cheapest isn't necessarily a good idea.


    My £20 one has an IR receiver / transmitter

    I have a Loewe Nemos (which is one of the best tvs in terms of picture quality), so I understand what you are saying about quality. Having said that, the picture that my sender sends looks fab on the bedroom tv (which is admittedly smaller, but I think this is usually the case!)

    Original Poster

    Just an update - I bought one from my local Tesco Extra...a stylish black upright setup for £24.99 with a 12mth warranty!

    Thanks for all the help with this one.

    I'm sure I saw a bargain set of these in Maplin!
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