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Found 6th Mar 2008
Getting a HTC 620 phone tomorrow (windows mobile 5) do I need any special hardware to use satnav on this phone, or can I just buy/download the relevant TomTom software and thats it?
Cheers in advance

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Ordinary TomTom is fine. Just make sure its for Windows and not symbian or "one".

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Cheers, wasn't sure what the score was. TomTom the best one then? 1st time with a phone like this normally have a symbian based Nokia. Have some rep!

im pretty sure its not got a built in gps (correct me if im wrong?) so you ll need a bluetooth gps too.

I think you'll need to get a Bluetooth GPS unit.
TomTom Speed Camera Spoken Alerts FTW!


Indeed. Just checked and the phoned doesnt have inbuilt GPS - but does have bluetooth - so as has been suggested, you will also need a bluetooth GPS as well.

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balls to that, almost as cheap to just buy a satnav unit. Might just ebay it then. Stick with my N80

...and IIRC, you need the *smartphone* version (not the standard PocketPC version...

Don't be discouraged - £30 for a decent BT GPS off fleabay and a few clicks on any popular torrent site and you are good to go!



balls to that, almost as cheap to just buy a satnav unit. Might just ebay … balls to that, almost as cheap to just buy a satnav unit. Might just ebay it then. Stick with my N80

On the £49.99 one from ebuyer!!!!

im pretty sure bluetooth receivers are cheap as chips now, but obviously tomtom isnt and i doubt you ll get mucg for it on ebay as its a bit behind the current smartphones really.

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Will look at that, was gonna ask for my rep back too guv, cos of your duff info.:-D

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Still gotta make a profit on it, didn't pay nowt for it so can't lose really.

nope thats very true (didnt mean any offence about the phone by the way!) ive had a few problems recently selling phones on ebay (vario3 and an n95) so keep your eye out for scammers for phones if you do sell it!

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No offence taken. Got it from my employer for nothing so like I said can't lose really

Really do consider keeping it, one box to shove in ur pocket or carry on belt best move i made
was sick of forgetting one on site/incar disconnecting both from chargers real pain 1 box4all ftw
wouldnt go back to seperate phone n gps ever

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Will have a look at the options, don't really wanna pay more setting it up than I could get a standalone satnav for. Cheers for the advice.
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