Satnav under £150 - any suggestions

Found 7th Jul 2007
I'm looking for a cheap sat nav. I've seen the navman icn330 on Ebuyer for £90 but the consensus seems to be to spend a few quid more for a better one.

I'm thinking of perhaps a Tomtom One (about £150) a Navman F20 (about £115) or a Mio C210 (about £100)

Anyone have any comments on these or recommend a better one?

Thanks in advance...

(ps I know I missed a recent deal in Asda...)
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Well FWIW I'd go for the TomTom as the software and user interface is more polished.

I had a pda running TomTom until the power connector on the pda failed. Bought a Navman F20 and that does the job fine for me but I miss the following.

You cannot check the route once the F20 calculates it just to make sure it's a good route.

You cannot add stop offs along the way or go via such and such a place.
You cannot tell it to calculate an alternative should you hit trouble.
You cannot tell it to avoid certain roads.

All these you can do with the TomTom and it's an all round better experience.

F20 is good for navigating from A-B but I do miss the options I had on the TomTom and I do 45k a year.

Oh, and the fuel and parking buttons on the F20 look like a good idea but in practice I've never used them.

TomTom is the way to go :thumbsup:
Cheers -thanks for the advice

Repped :thumbsup:
I found this site to be pretty useful - ]find tomtom deals.
Iv Pm'd you but you havent got back to me.

Im willing to sell my F20 still boxed and used only a few times very carefully (i have a soft padded case for it)

ill sell you it for £80 including delivery, its like its brand new.
Iand68 - thanks for the site - I'll keep an eye on it.

Saxo - I've got no pm's - you may be getting me confused with someone else. There was an earlier thread about satnavs that you had pm'd someone. Thanks for the offer but as its a present I'd prefer to buy it new. Cheers :thumbsup:
Well its in a superb condition mate and you would be saving a few bob, id even throw in the padded case for you.

your choice mate, hang on one tick ill get a photo for you


The box for it all is in mint condition aswell, your decision at the end of the day tho :thumbsup:
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