Saturday...and I'm working. Meh

    Bet most of you are in bed. I wish I was.

    Anyone else working?


    Yea I am working !

    Nope..........i'm sat on my ass with TV on and a cup of coffee looking on here whilst the kids are wrestling and playing with their Transformers. :lol:

    I done nights

    yeah I'm working and my little boys just said "mum why are you working and were off school? you should be off with us" Bless him! lol

    Got up 7.30 for an away rugby match. Only until we get to the bus we're told its cancelled. And now im too awake to go back to sleep!

    Get out! your not sleeping in my bed

    I'm working today dont start till 6.30 tonight xx

    iStart at 12.

    I've got work tonight, got a major hangover at the moment hope I feel better later

    In work now till 7 tonight goin to be a long day.
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