Save £1 A month for vodafone contract users ''Secure Net data add on''

Posted 26th Nov
I just noticed my vodafone contract that I have been using for 8 months has been charging me an extra £1 for the last 5 months.
It seems they give you a ''free trial'' of their secure net add on which you must cancel .
They have refused to refund me the £5 but have cancelled it for the remainder of my contract.
Sneaky marketing in my opinion but worth pointing out to save other vodafone users future expenses.…htm
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And get a refund. Shouldn’t be ok there. Sneaky charge that I had to get a refund for on two lines.
I think it's called Secure Net - you get a text (and it's online when you upgrade or purchase) that its a free trial and then £1 a month. You can cancel at anytime through your online account.

Good luck if you try to claim it back, I think it's easily missed but you agree to it when you upgrade or take out a new contract.
I think it’s worth £1 a month
Just joined Vodafone and it said this clearly in documentation. It's really up to the customer to take basic steps to prevent undue costs.
This is not a deal
Thanks op i just looked on my bill to see ibe also been charged this, I'll call them in the morning to cancel.
"Sneaky marketing in my opinion"

No it isn't. It is CLEARLY shown when you sign up for any contract. I managed to cancel mine as I was signing up to a contract. It's your fault, not theirs.
It was clearly on my contract and I cancelled without any problem. Didn't you notice the extra pound on your bill?
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