Save £10 When Purchasing Call of Duty Modern Warfare on the PlayStation Store!

Posted 23rd Oct 2019
Hey all!

This deal is mainly for people who prefer buying digital so if you prefer to buy the hard copy for cheaper, this deal may not be suitable for you, thank you.

You could potentially be saving near enough £10 when purchasing Call of Duty Modern Warfare on the PSN store!

Step 1
Go to ShopTo and purchase £50 PSN credit for £41.85

Step 2
Purchase £10 PSN credit for £8.85

This equals up to £60 PSN credit which is worth £50.70 which is near enough saving £10!

Step 3
Redeem the PSN credit and purchase Call of Duty Modern Warfare!

Step 4
Enjoy when it releases!

Perks for Digital

You could do this to purchase other games however, I specifically chose to do it with Call of Duty Modern Warfare as it releases soon and is one of the biggest games in the world.

I hope everything works out for everyone and if you have any questions do not be afraid to ask!

If this deal is not for you, please hold back your negative thoughts. Thank you!
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