Save 12% off stamps - 1st & second class go up 12% on Monday 4/411

    Buy your 1st & 2nd class stamps now to save a massive increase of 12%.
    Standard letters are increasing
    1st class from 41p to 46p &
    2nd class from 32p to 36p
    Large letters are increasing
    1st class from 66p to 75p &
    2nd class from 51p to 58p
    All the other prices increase too but these are the only stamps you can buy that state just 1st & 2nd and not a price, you can use as many of these stamps as you like on each item and therefore you can use them on packets etc.
    Even if you buy a book of 100 2nd class stamps now for your christmas cards, thats a saving of £4.00.
    Hope this helps someone, wasn't sure if it counted as a deal or not!…ews Mail announces annual stamp price rises

    NOTE - Superdrug currently have 5% off all stamps instore till 3rd April 2011 to save even more :o)
    - kaks26


    Good last minute heads up, but I think you have typo on standard second class stamps, as far as I am aware they are currently 32p not 21p.

    Original Poster

    changed, thanks for the edit :-)

    Thanks for posting


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    Why is this not in the deals section?

    did you not post it?

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    I did post it, but it went to mediation and I'm new to this game!! Normally when I post something it has the heat/cold on the top left, this doesn't?

    lets hope with the extra revenue the RM get from now on that they do their jobs properly and stop losing my mail or not getting my packages signed for
    Edited by: "simplyjimbo" 30th Mar 2011

    Don't really know how the Royal Mail can justify putting up the price of stamps when they can't even deliver stuff on time (or even at all sometimes).

    Save even more by buying them at Superdrug who are selling them with 5% off until 3rd April 2011.
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