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    Save £4.50 off your ROAD TAX

    This might get tricky to explain but did you know that car tax rates come DOWN in April 2010 for low emmission cars (
    This link is the government detail:

    I have just had a renewal for my car that is in the 128 g/Km band; currently £120 but guess what after April 2010 it drops to £90; but the renewal makes no mention of this!!!!

    So here is the tip; if you renew for 6 months at the current higher rate and then get a new tax disc in 6 months it should be at the lower rate so in my case you can save £4.50 overall.

    I am a bit annoyed that my renewal does NOT take into account the fact that the rates will drop in April so I feel better that I am getting something back even if it is only £4.50 (after you have added in the 10% surcharge for 6 month tax). I never thought I could come up with a deal against the Government?!!!


    why is this expiered when it has only been up 5 mins?

    I got my reminder today - a whopping £190.00:x

    Good to know the extra £30 I'll have to fork out is going to good use then.

    Reminder here also today - £150.00 going up to £155 from April 2010.

    Incidentally, if I send my disc back now for a refund and buy a new 12 month one will it be at the current rate, or the new one? It expires in June at present.

    Are you even allowed to do that?
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