Found 29th Aug 2007
Just Been looking at all the deals on electronics and stuff, sure there good deals but half of them are unnecessary wastes of money. It would be cool if there was a section where there was a deal for an expensive item and a comparison with a cheaper item. Say a media centre & a self built one.

Ok, maybe i'm talking rubbish - but take my story for example - For years i was going on & on about media centres & blu ray & blah blah.

Didn't have the money - but ended up saying screw it. I built one, it's beautiful (expensive but beautiful). Now I look back and the only reason i really wanted one was to be able to play my DVD's. So i could have just bought a dvd player. But then I discovered Divx. Started putting films on it. All of a sudden all my movies are on my PC. So that's 1000 pounds worth of DVd's, sold for 100 pounds.

Then i Discovered the HDD Media Caddy. All it is a hard drive case with video & audio outputs. The size of 4 DVD cases stacked. Got a Hard drive stuck it in. Put my films on it.

Sorry i'm going on a bit, the short of it. A full working media centre, Hardly visible, no more getting out of my chair to change dvd's. No more crashing windows. All this for just 90 pounds.

The greatest invention ever - i could have saved 600 pounds had i realised.

Hopefully this made sense. You just need a little know how

If not, i will shut my mouth & you can all diss me.

Doh, I think i put this in the wrong section!

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yes u have
how about an explanation?or tutorial

Did you want this in the misc forum?

Original Poster

i guess so. Not sure, it satred off as a suggestion. Then turned into a rant & then an explanation. But i have managed to put instructions on a nother bit. Sorry should have carried it on in this one. How do i delete this thread?
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