Save money on Petrol and save the Environment too

    This seems quite good but I haven't used it yet so cannot really comment. (admin you may wish to move it to another forum - i'm not sure)

    It's £50 from…htm

    ADVERT: Want to save money on your petrol and save the environment too?

    Motoflow is designed to condition the fuel before combustion. Fuel exposed to a magnetic field in this way carries more energy and mixes more readily with air resulting in a more complete combustion. This means more energy and less waste produced from the same amount of fuel.

    Tests show up to 20% reduction in costs of fuel, better performance and less pollution.…jpg

    I'd appreciate any comments as well.


    Thanks withey Moved it here as it invites discussion as to whether it works or not.

    Yeah, right. And pigs can fly - there are lots of witnesses. Prof. Smartbutt of Idaho University of Contemporary Science saw one.
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