Save the Mouse - the meaning of my posts!

    You may have all thought i was going slightly mad - reguarding my picture thread - and also if it was possible to post cheese!

    Well here is the reason

    For years i have called my missus either "little mouse" or "the mouse"

    this is because her favourite foods all tend to contain cheese!

    well...she has had a bad week at work and to make things worse one of her friends is getting married soon - and my missus and a few other members of staff have decided to help her by going on a bit of a diet - so in work they are eating frut and veg etc- and some really odd home made soup - which isnt liked by the mouse!

    so to help her i am going to send her a food parcel - from a anonymous company/charity called "save the mouse"

    im currently in the process of composing the letter then i will post the food parcel for tomorrow!

    Lets all save the mouse!

    ps if you wish to help design a logo or look at the ones that have been done so far please look here!…179


    Original Poster

    thanks to all people who have contributed

    you making my missus happy - which makes me happier!

    :friends: Aaaww...My dad used to call me mouse too. I have a little mouse charm on my charm bracelet that he bought for me. Your post has made me feel sentimental.
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