Save upto £45 a year on your electricity bill and be a bit greener too!

    An intelligent 8 socket power bar for all your PC related gadgetry, when you switch off the PC it cuts the power to all your peripherals so they aren't sat there in standby or just on eating electricity.

    Having seen them on the gadget show I thought I'd investigated a bit further and invest £29.44 (inc vat + del). The socket itself actually works (good start) and does power everything else down when the PC goes off. Should pay for itself in the first year too.



    Good if your PC is not doing anything else but if the router needs to be on before you wake up or the monitor is also hooked up to your console or the speakers to your TV then it's going to be substantially less useful.

    A good stop-gap measure until electronic manufacturers stop their products drawing power when switched off.

    I saw these on the gadget show too. There are TV versions of these as well, same idea as the computer ones but with an Infrared sensor which uses the TV remote to turn all your connected stuff off too. TV, in main socket and then DVD, Video, Home cinema Amp, speakers, lights etc.…/1/

    I use one to turn off my Toshiba HD-DVD player and the LED lights behind my TV!

    There is an offer on them too, 1 plug is £16.94, 2 plugs are £29 or 3 for £39.
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